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USS Flier (SS-250)
Lost on:
Lost on August 13,1944, with the loss of 78 crew members while on her 2nd war patrol. Flier was transiting on the surface when she was rocked by a massive explosion (probably a mine) and sank within less than a minute. 13 survivors, some injured, made it into the water and swam to shore. 8 survived and 6 days later friendly natives guided them to a Coast Watcher and they were evacuated by the USS Redfin (SS-272).

US Navy Official Photo

BC Patch

 Class: SS 212
 Commissioned: 10/18/1943
 Launched: 7/11/1943
 Builder: Electric Boat Co (General Dynamics)
 Length: 307, Beam: 27
 #Officers: 6, #Enlisted: 54
 Fate: Flier was sunk by a mine in the South China Sea 12 Aug 1944. 78 men lost. 8 men survived, swimming to shore. Numerous others made it out of the boat, but drowned.