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USS Grayback (SS-208)
Lost on:
Lost on Feb 26,1944 with the loss of 80 officers and men on her 10th war patrol. She appears to have been caught on the surface in the East China Sea by a Japanese carrier plane whose bombs made a direct hit. During this patrol she sank 4 ships totaling 21,594 tons and was tied for 11th in the number of ships sunk.

US Navy Official Photo


 Class: SS 198
 Commissioned: 6/30/1941
 Launched: 1/31/1941
 Builder: Electric Boat Co (General Dynamics)
 Length: 307, Beam: 27
 #Officers: 6, #Enlisted: 54
 Fate: Sunk by Japanese aircraft in East China Sea. All 80 crewmen lost.