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Who to Contact

The USSVI website was designed so that many people can post information. Generally, the person to contact is shown on the page you may have a question about.  This page also lists solutions to frequently reported problems or answers to often asked questions.

Common problems or people you can contact

Website Problems:

Can't log in
Can't see some pages

If you can't log on to your profile, see some pages or are forced back to the home page when you click a button, it's probably because your security settings are set too high in your browser and are blocking Session Variables:

Click here for suggestions for configuring Session Variables
Other reported problems after people upgrade to Microsoft's new Internet Explorer version 7 (IE-7) can be fixed by following these steps:
  • Open IE-7 and click on TOOLS, then on "Internet Options".
  • Click on the "Security" tab
  • Click on the "Custom Level" security button
  • Within the list of choices you will see options for ActiveX
  • Click the radio buttons for ActiveX to allow (enable) them
  • I paid my dues but not
    listed as a member
    Contact your base's membership chairperson or
    contact the National Office by clicking
    Can't log on or
    remember my password
    To log on, you must be a current member (dues paid for this year). And, we must have your current e-mail address on file. If you've changed your e-mail address contact your base's membership person and give them your new e-mail address. To get your password click this button
    My profile has missing or incorrect information shown The USSVI website was designed to let you update your own information (address, phone, e-mail address, boats you served, etc.). Click and on the HOME page click MY PROFILE to update your profile. Or, click Base location, meeting info, contacts, etc and go to your base's page. Then click BASE MEMBERS where you'll find the UPDATE PROFILE button that lets you fill out a questionnaire that gets sent to your base and they will update your information for you.
    Reunion Information to update a boat's reunion information, click Report a Boat Reunion
    Boat information To update a boat's reunion information, click Report a Boat Reunion