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NavSource Naval History Online Photo Index:
A hugh site with many pictures and information of most of our Navy Ships. There is a submarine section, broken down by type of submarine.
Silent Service Motorcycle Club:
The club was formed by and primarily for US Navy submarine veterans and is intended to promote good will and communication in our membership and to help preserve the proud heritage of the United States Submarine Service by literally taking our show on the road. We are a family-oriented, non-territorial club and strong supporters of the US Armed Forces. Full membership is available to those serving or having served in the United States Navy and have been designated by the US Navy as "qualified in submarines." Full members must also own a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 500cc or more. Full members must also be a national member of United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated (USSVI) at the time of application. Associate Membership: Associate membership is available to those sponsored by a Full Member in good standing. Said sponsorship must be reaffirmed each time that Associate membership is renewed.
Western Regional Roundup Web site Correction:
The correct web site to see or download the agenda, things to do, hotel info, and registration form. Any questions, please call Gene Kellar at 303-988-7661 or 303-960-6771 or call Bob Bissonnette at 619-644-8993(evenings) or 619-251-7095
Now, I am part of the Community Outreach team for a substance abuse resource site. Our web guide,, connects individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options, as well as providing valuable information about substance dependency. Our goal is to prevent substance abuse and provide support for families and communities struggling with these issues. As you may know, more than 20% of veterans suffering from PTSD also deal with a substance abuse disorder.
Asbestos Cancer:
Veterans of the United States military, in all branches, and other individuals who have served their country in times of war and peace have given their time, effort, and in many cases, their lives as part of their service. These individuals deserve the best medical care that can be provided by their country. Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos exposure, has taken the lives of many U.S. veterans. The right to recover compensation for the losses incurred by affected veterans and their families should be upheld. Our nation’s veterans need your assistance!
Veterans travel Guide:  http://
We've recently launched a resource offering advice to the military community on travel ideas, discounts, and resources.
Submarine Pictures by the bucketful:
There must be over a 1,000 pix of submarines from around the world at this website. Wuuf!
Missing Members on Eternal Patrol:
This is a good site to find obituary and social security death notices for members who have 'gone missing."
Our armed forces jobs section provides online applications for military jobs for each branch of military. Its a great way for people to find military work quickly, and its constantly growing.
Navy DeckLog:
Website donated by CTO Tim VeArd that tracks over 7,000 US Navy ships, over 2,000 Navy associations & Reunion and countless shore duty stations. This website is used to support USSVI's on line membership database so that all boats each member served on can also be listed.
Submariners Dictionary:  http://
Submariner's Dictionary: 167 pages of definitions, links, special appendixes on poems, humor, bars, etc. Endorsed by "Big Al." $12.95 on CD readable with Word or link provided for a free "Word" reader. Contact: Ron Martini-1723 DeSmet Ave-Sheridan, WY 82801.
Ultraquiet No More:
This is a group blog for submariners and submarine enthusiasts to post about submarines, submarine life, and submarine news. Basically, it's about submarines.
Submarine Art by Tom Denton:
Artist Tom Denton, USSVI 1997 "Joe Negri" award winner documents the history of the submarine program through his watercolor prints of Diesel (Fleet) Boats, Fast Attack, the 41 For Freedom SSBNs (Polaris and Poseidon), TRIDENT SSBNs, British Tridents and SSBNs. He has also added some Odds and Ends including Lighthouses and Surface Ships. As the “National Staff Artist” he also serves the editor of the “American Submariner”.
Lance Dean's website of all Museum Boats in the US. Includes a forum where people from the various museum boats get together to discuss many things. Also has information on each museum boat and a map of locations
The Navy League:
The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy League is unique among military-oriented associations in that it is a civilian organization dedicated to the education of our citizens, including our elected officials, and the support of the men and women of the sea services and their families.
The Russian Navy:
The largest English-language Internet site on the Russian Navy.
International Submariners Association/USA:
The International Submariners Association/USA is the United States chapter of an international organization dedicated to promoting brotherhood among submarine veterans of all nations.
USS Scorpion Web Page:
Web page for all USS Scorpion SSN-589 crewmembers including those 99 who went down with her.
Web page by Jenny Dugan, Navy Wife, listing custom ordering of Vests, Shirts, hats and other submarine related items. Top quality embroidery work “Serving Those Who Already Have” with a high quality product is our #1 goal. Ordering Submarine Veteran items on our site is fast, easy, and extremely affordable. Garrison caps, Submariner’s Wife items and of course USSVI style Vests are made to order in our studio. Your custom order is our specialty! Submariner’s Logo available on all items. Don’t see it here? Have a New Idea for a product? Contact us, and will fill the need! In stock items have a fast turn-around, otherwise orders take 2-3 week. Incentives are available to all USSVI storekeepers to allow for base fund-raising, please contact us to set up an account and order form for your base. ******REUNION COORDINATORS!****** Contact us for FREE STUFF!
PigBoats.COM is a new web location to consolidate a number of differing but related subjects concerning submarines and submarining including "Through the Looking Glass, A Photo Essay of U.S. Submarines from 1900 to 1940", by Ric Hedman of USSVI Seattle Base.
Fleet Reserve Association:
FRA is the leading voice of enlisted Sea Service personnel on Capitol Hill and has been since 1924. A Congressionally chartered, non-profit organization that represents the interests of the Sea Service community before the U.S. Congress, the Association’s membership is comprised of current and former enlisted members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. FRA was chartered as the Fleet Reserve Association in 1924 and, after more than 80 years, FRA remains dedicated to its primary mission of serving the interests of current and former enlisted Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel. In addition to its legislative advocacy efforts, FRA assists its members with career problems by maintaining close liaison with the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and other government agencies. FRA continues to educate members of Congress, many of whom have little or no military experience, on the challenges facing career personnel. FRA presents a strong, unified voice to ensure that enlisted issues are heard by Congress and urges support for legislation to increase pay and benefits.
The Reserve Officers Association:
WHO'S ELIGIBLE TO JOIN? Reserve, active, retired, and former officers and warrant officers of the uniformed services of the U.S. (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, NOAA, National Guard, and Air National Guard) Founded in 1922, and chartered by Congress in 1950, ROA's mission is to " and promote the development and execution of a military policy for the United States that will provide adequate National Security."
Suicide Prevention:
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is reaching out to Veterans in crisis and their families in a new public service announcement to raise awareness about suicide prevention resources, such as the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). “As more Veterans return from Iraq and Afghanistan, the critical need for mental health care is rising,” said Sonja V. Batten, assistant deputy chief patient care services officer for mental health. “VA is increasing its efforts to reach out to Veterans in need and their families, to inform them about available services and programs.” The new television spot encourages Veterans in crisis to call the crisis hotline number at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and then push 1 on their telephone keypad to reach a trained VA mental health professional who can assist the Veteran 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Suicide is preventable,” said Batten. “Every Veteran suicide is tragic and regardless of the numbers or rates, one Veteran suicide is too many. We feel the responsibility to continue to spread the word throughout the nation that suicide prevention is everyone’s business.” So far, more than 379,000 people have called the hotline, and more than 200,000 of these callers have identified themselves as Veterans, family members or friends of Veterans. The hotline has led to more than 13,000 rescues of actively suicidal Veterans. The hotline also operates an online Veterans Chat program, which provides Veterans, their families and friends with the ability to communicate anonymously online in real-time with a trained VA mental health professional. Veterans Chat can be accessed through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s web page at Through the hotline and Veterans Chat, VA can connect Veterans and their families with important services, including suicide prevention coordinators, as well as general inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services at VA

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