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Today In History - August 7th
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Friday, August 7, 1942   USS Tambor (SS-198) :  Near Wotje Island, Tambor sank the converted net tender Shofuka with 1 torpedo which broke her in half.
Saturday, August 7, 1943   USS S-30 (SS-135) :  S-30 left the Kurils behind and headed East on her 9th war patrol.
Saturday, August 7, 1943   USS Narwhal (was V-5) (SS-167) :  Narwhal ended her 5th war patrol.
Monday, August 7, 1944   USS Croaker (SS-246) :  Croaker sank the light cruiser Nagara.
Monday, August 7, 1944   USS Skate (SS-305) :  Skate terminated her 5th war patrol at Pearl Harbor, HI.
Monday, August 7, 1944   USS Archerfish (SS-311) :  Archerfish departed on her 4th war patrol to prowl the waters off Honshu without bagging any enemy ships. She headed to Pearl Harbor after 53 days at sea.
Monday, August 7, 1944   USS Sea Robin (SS-407) :  Commissioned with LCDR. Paul C. Stimson in command.
Tuesday, August 7, 1945   USS Ray (SS-271) :  Ray sank 16 small craft by gunfire off Bang Saponnoi, Thailand. That night two boarding parties from the submarine burned seven Junks anchored north of Lem Chong Pra.
Tuesday, August 7, 1945   USS Apogon (SS-308) :  Apogon began her 8th and final war patrol. She was assigned to the Marcus Island area. She made no attacks during this patrol because the Japanese capitulated on 15 August.
Tuesday, August 7, 1945   USS Pintado (SS-387) :  Pintado departed Guam, Marianas Island for her 6th and last war patrol, and took station off Tokyo Bay.
Tuesday, August 7, 1951   USS Menhaden (SS-377) :  Reommissioned at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA. and assigned to SUBRON 5.
Thursday, August 7, 1958   USS Seawolf (SSN-575) :  (Cont'd.) She received the Navy Unit Commendation for demonstrating the ability of the nuclear-powered submarine to remain independent of the earth's atmosphere for the period of a normal war patrol.
Wednesday, August 7, 1963   USS Threadfin (SS-410) :  Threadfin was recommissioned with LCDR. Daniel G. Bailey in command, and reported to Key West, FL., Submarine Squardron 4. Over the remaining 19 years of her career, Threadfin operated off the East Coast.
Wednesday, August 7, 1974   USS Rasher (SS-269) :  Rasher was sold for scrap.
Friday, August 7, 1987   USS Silversides (SS-236) :  Silversides was moved tro Muskegon, MI. and is now a Museum boat there.