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Sub School Photo Manager
Patrick Frank Householder
4729 W Picacho Dr
Eloy, AZ 85131-8084
425 445-6345

To submit your Sub School Class Photo, email or send by USPS to the addresses shown above.  Be sure to identify where you are in the photo.  If you know other students in the photo, please also send their names, rate / rank (at the time) and their location in the photo.


Gary Walker

Gary Walker lives on his small horse ranch in Comanche, TX. He served in the USN aboard USS Atule and USS Trigger as EM2(SS) , then transitioned to the USAF, serving as Flight Engineer on C-141s, and C-5s. He retired from the USAF on 4-28-05 as a M/Sgt. For years Gary has maintained a website for his beloved USS Atule, and as part of that project he added class photos for over 600 submarine school classes. All Submarine Veterans owe Gary a debt of gratitude for this historical resource. In 2009 Gary agreed to move this valuable resource to USSVI so that it will continue to be maintained and benefit the Submarine Veterans who are interested in their legacy.

On behalf of all Sub Vets, I thank Gary for his thoughtfulness and for this valuable gift.
/s/Patrick Householder, past National Commander 2009

How to find your Class Photo

How can I find out what Class I was in?

  • Look on your Class Photo (if you have one)

  • Look around to see if you have your old military records (it may show your class # and section #)

  • The Submarine School does not keep class photo records

  • Go to submarine BBS's and ask if others remember a class (many have found class photos this way)

  • Does The Submarine Force Museum Archives have a copy of my class photo?

    The Submarine Force Museum Archives Booklet is a collection of Naval Submarine School Records & Archives. (It list what records they do have on hand) For example: Page 12, 1950’s [SUBSCOL EN-02] Class 66 (Jan ’51) – 119 (May ’55) (Photo Only)---This means: Class-66 Graduated Jan ’51 thru Class-119 Graduated May ’55. There are photos but no other information on file.  Please check the Archives Booklet to verify your class photo on file before contacting the Museum. Remember the Submarine Force Museum does not have the staffing for large researching. They will research one photo at a time and send it to you. Please have patience.

    Note: at the moment, we can no longer find this document posted on line. 

    Library Hours of Operation
    Open Year Round, 0900 to 1530
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    For Appointment & Requests, Send to:

    Attn: Archivist
    Submarine Force Museum
    Naval Submarine Base
    New London, Groton, CT 06349-5571
    Phone: 1-(860)-694-3558