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USS Runner (SS-275)
Lost on:
Lost between June 26 & July 4th 1943 with the loss of 78 men. Runner was on her 3rd war patrol probably due to a mine. Prior to her loss, she reported sinking a freighter and a passenger-cargoman off the Kuriles. This boat's last known ship sunk happened on June 26th, so she probably hit that mine on or after that date but before July 4th, when she was scheduled back at Midway.

US Navy Official Photo


 Class: SS 212
 Commissioned: 7/30/1942
 Launched: 5/30/1942
 Builder: Portsmouth Navy Yard
 Length: 307, Beam: 27
 #Officers: 6, #Enlisted: 54
 Fate: Runner departed Midway for the Kurile Island chain and waters off northern Japan. No report was heard from her. She sank the cargo ship Seinan Maru on 11 June in Tsugaru Strait off Hokaido, aud the passenger-cargo ship Shinryu Maru on 26 June, 1943.