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Finding a Boat and Your Shipmates

Use the buttons on the left of side of pages in this section to Find any submarine ever built by the US Navy, then when you display a boat's page, you will see these buttons that let you:
 See all (if any) Meritorious, Presidential, Unit or other Citations awarded to that boat  *
 See all (if any) significant medals awarded that boat's crew, such as the Medal of Honor, Bronze or Silver Star, etc. *
  List "all" crew members that our CTO, Tim VeArd has located so far ... not just USSVI members:
  • We do not have master sailing lists for each boat.  The only names we have posted are those who are members of USSVI who have told us which boats they served aboard.  When you find your boat, if you are not listed on her crew list, you can add yourself 
  • Any shipmate who visited hundreds of other websites using tools (including NSL) donated by Tim will be listed.  Members of are also listed here.  Tim created DeckLog to let any Navy veteran enter their complete profile for all ships, schools and shore duty.
  • List the most significant historical events, in date order, for that boat
    List all Memorials, Plaques or other tributes to this boat that have been established around the world.  You will see photos of these tributes, along with a map, current weather and driving directions in case you would like to visit the memorial.*
    Link to On Eternal Patrol's ( website to list all crew members who died in the line of duty either while serving on that boat or when that boat was lost *

    Link to ISSUU's ( website to display War Reports that were scanned from the Naval Archives *
    Link to Wikipedia's ( page that provides more detailed information about this boat
    Link to a boat's website (if it has one) *
    Link to the boat's association or reunion information pages to see where and when the next reunion will be held*
     * these buttons only appear if there is actually information to be seen for that category

    If you spot incorrect or missing information please report it using the these two buttons (found on most pages in this section:   Report a Boat Reunion  or   Report a Change to Boat's Info